AccuPel Product History

AccuPel originated in January 2000 with the objective of designing an HDTV test pattern generator with unsurpassed video signal quality for the most demanding video engineers, yet still be affordable for professional display calibrators and video enthusiasts. Greg Rogers and Lee Jalovec, each with over 25 years of experience designing some of the world's highest performance test and measurement equipment, founded AccuPel and were up to the challenge. The AccuPel HDG-2000 HDTV generator was released that same year, the year of the very first high-definition Super Bowl broadcast.

Although Video Excellence and 'Pixel Perfect' have always been synonymous with AccuPel's signal quality and strict adherence to video standards, there's also never been any cost-cutting in materials or build quality. Since the beginning AccuPel has used grained and anodized all-aluminum construction with thick front panels and custom extrusions (no plastic cases) for rugged durability and great appearance.

Beginning in 2003 with the HDG-3000, AccuPel's first generator with a DVI digital video output, every AccuPel has had a powerful IR Remote control for complete operation without a computer. The HDG-4000 in 2007 was the last AccuPel HD generator with both analog and digital signal outputs, and for the first time included an on-screen human interface with OSD menus. Since the introduction of the HDMI-enabled DVG-5000 in 2011, a free AccuPel Desktop application for PC and Mac has been provided for engineers and enthusiasts that prefer to operate their generators over USB from a workstation. Of course, ChromaPure software, and other 3rd party software applications, also provide automated display and accelerated CMS (Color Management System) calibration using the USB interface.     

As HDTV sources and displays evolved, AccuPel video generators evolved with them from analog to digital video, from DVI to HDMI outputs, and from 1080i to 4K. But what has never changed is AccuPel's commitment to Video Excellence. Although AccuPel was acquired in 2011 by Display Calibrations, LLC, Greg Rogers still designs the AccuPel products, and there's not a more video-quality-obsessed engineer in the industry. The 5th generation AccuPel DGA-6000 Ultra is his most innovative design ever, featuring an entirely new 4K video analyzer integrated with a new 4K HDR / Rec 2020 video generator into a single compact product

Display Calibrations, LLC, designs, markets, and supports AccuPel products worldwide. Display Calibrations also designs and markets ChromaPure Video Display Calibration software, and sells a complete line of video calibration products and accessories.

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