DGA-6000 Ultra - Pro Engineering Option Notes

The DGA-6000 Ultra's analyzer function is an innovative new tool that should be indispensable for engineer's designing video products. It was the key instrument used in its own development! It will also be highly valuable to video enthusiasts that evaluate or investigate video product performance.  It provides Pixel Content, Timing, and Protocol information in user selected InfoPanes via automatic or manual (cursor assisted) measurement. The Analyzer can be operated entirely from its IR remote control.

Two unique features are provided for video content analysis. A dedicated Cursor InfoPane provides the capabiity to measure individual YCbCr or RGB pixel values anywhere within a frame, while a magnified pixel viewport displays the area around the cursor location. The magnification factor can be set to include an area of 5x5 to 19x19 pixels about the cursor location. Interlaced formats can be addressed and displayed in the mag viewport as either frames or fields.

A second unique feature is the APL InfoPane, which has the ability to display the minimum & maximum RGB (or YCbCr) component values for a complete frame, and the frame's average picture level (APL) on real-time bar graphs and as peak-reading digital values. A pair of cursors can also be used to restrict the min-max value detection to a selected Area within a frame.

A selection of standard InfoFrames can be displayed either annotated for quick identification of specific parameters and possible protocol errors, or the complete InfoFrame payload can be displayed as raw hex bytes.  AVI, Vendor-Specific, HDR (Dynamic Range and Mastering), Audio, and SPD (Source Product Description) Infoframes are included. The ability to override individual AVI InfoFrame parameters for testing purposes is also provided.

Instant automatic measurement of all horizontal and vertical timing parameters, including sync, active video, blanking periods, and pixel clock rates are provided in a Timing InfoPane.  EDID capture is provided. To test HDCP functionality an HDCP InfoPane provides the ability to simulate various sink types by changing or disabling the HDCP version of the Analyzer input.  The HDCP version of the analyzer's external display, and the incoming and outgoing signals are also identified.  Note: The analyzer will NOT circumvent HDCP rules.

A special pixel content feature provided for enthusiasts is the ability to automatically (or manually) determine the precise aspect ratio of letterboxed or windowboxed movies.  Video enthisiasts and film purists have spent countless hours debating displayed vs original aspect ratios of films. Now it's easy to precisely determine a displayed aspect ratio to a single line or single pixel of resolution.
Free Analyzer Feature Upgrades

Additional analyzer features are planned. All analyzer feature upgrades implemented in firmware will be provided free of charge. You may submit suggestions for analyzer features using the form provided on this website. However, no additional features are guaranteed or implied.  

Motion Patterns

The Pro Engineering Option includes 70 UHD, HD, and SD motion patterns that are invaluable for the purpose of evaluating a display's 24p (film mode) smooth-motion processing, and upscaling performance, i.e. from SD to HD, and HD to 4K video. Those patterns are described here.